Shall we tailor our tour together to make

the most of your "private" tour?

 Take advantage of hiring a double licensed experienced Guide/Driver and a spacious mini van.


I'm a National Government licensed English tour guide and a private taxi driver.

I am specialized in private tour in English driving a spacious mini van. 

I have become independent in 2018 after having experience for 17 years as one of the top guide drivers

in  the biggest limousine service company in Kyoto.  Please let me know what kind of sites you want to see 

and what kind of experience you want to have in Kyoto, Nara, Osaka.


About me, Kenji Nagaoka

I experienced several different jobs such as English teacher,

public relation staff, school manager and so on before becoming

a guide driver in MK Limousine Service co. in Kyoto. 

As one of the leaders of English speaking drivers in the company, I was involved in planning education and evaluation of the other drivers.

And after completing framework making of those, I decided to become an independent guide driver which had been my dream!   

I always really enjoy doing my own business because I always find my customers enjoying driving and walking around beautiful Kyoto with me.

  I hope you will be one of them soon! 




Private tour with a mini van


6720 JPY per hour inside of Kyoto city with 6-seater spacious mini van.

Extra fee is needed for the tour outside of Kyoto.

Consumption tax is included.

Admission fee, parking fee and toll are not included.

Minimum use is 4 hours a day.

There are some more conditions.

Please inquire for more information. 

Walking Tour Guiding service


If you don't need a car, I can provide walking tour guiding service as well.

25000 JPY for 4 hours.

35000 JPY for 8 hours.

2500 JPY/hour for extension.

Consumption tax is included.

Admission fee or others are not included.

Extra fee is needed for the tour outside of Kyoto.

There are some more conditions.

Please inquire for more imformation. 

If you hire a guide and a taxi? 


The price range of taxis in Kyoto for 4 hours :

    it depends on the size of taxis which is

    from 18640 JPY to 26880 JPY.

The price range of guiding for 4 hours :

    it is not clear but around

    from 15000 JPY to 25000 JPY.

The total price will be :

    from 33640 JPY to 51880 JPY.

Please compare with my service: private tour with a mini van which is 26880 JPY for 4 hours with a big size taxi.


Kenji San met our group of six at our hotel ahead of scheduled pick-up time, and took us on a day tour (in our case 6.5 hours) of all the major sites in beautiful Kyoto. He has an excellent command of English, and for us, he showed great thoughtfulness around designing a programme which catered for those of us who were less able to handle long walks to sites. A highlight was a stop at one of his favourite lunch cafes where we dined on lunch menu "sets" that were absolutely delicious and cheap! His knowledge of Japanese history, religions and culture is impressive, but he is careful not to overload people with too much information. He is very good at finding shortcuts between sites and alternative routes that provide spectacular scenery. Overall we loved this day. Kenji San is a very charming guide, and we would thoroughly recommend him to any visitor to Kyoto.




It is the buddhist temple which has the Golden Pavilion in the middle of scenic Japanese style garden. <the world heritage>

Nijo-jo castle
Nijo-jo castle

Founded in 1601 by the shogun Tokugawa,Ieyasu. Famous for "Nightingale floor". <the world heritage>


The most famous scenic place in Kyoto. You can try Rickshaw, train or boat there.


One of the most famous buddhist temple in Kyoto. It is surrounded by old town with many attractive shops. <the world heritage>


You can see the Rock Garden in this buddhist temple. There are some philosophical interpretation about it. <the world heritage>

bamboo forest
bamboo forest

You can walk through this beautiful bamboo forest. It is close to Arashiyama and old town Sagano.

Fushimi Inari Taisha
Fushimi Inari Taisha

It is over 1200 years old Shinto shrine. It is famous for 1000 orange torii gates.


It is the most famous geisha district which is still active with more than 200 geisha girls. You can see pretty old streets and buildings there.


This place is in the neighborhood of Kiyomizu-dera and Gion. The view in this area is preserved by government.





Sample Tours


East side 4hours (26880 JPY)

Fushimi Inari shrine~Sanjusangendo temple~Kiyomizudera


Golden Temple 4hours (26880 JPY)

Nijo castle~Ryoanji temple~Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion temple)


World Heritage 6hours (40320 JPY)

Kiyomizudera Temple~Nijo Castle~Lunch~Golden Pavilion Temple~Ryoanj


East Side 7hours (47040 JPY)

Fushimi Inari~Sanjusangendo~Lunch~Kiyomizudera Temple~Silver Temple~Rengeji Temple


West Side 7hours (47040 JPY)

Nijo Castle~Bamboo Forest~Lunch~Gioji temple~Otagi nenbutsuji Temple~Ryoanji Temple~Golden Pavilion Temple

Kyoto Highlights 8hours(53760 JPY)

hotel ~ Tenryuji Temple and bamboo forest in Arashiyama ~ Golden Pavilion Temple ~ lunch ~ 

Silver Pavilion Temple and Philosopher's path ~ some old towns and old streets for instance Gion ~

Fushimi-Inari shrine ~ hotel




Fushimi Inari Sirine

Famous for the tunell formed by numerous orange gates, which is called Thousands Gates. The Actual number is more than ten thousand. We usually visit the main shrine and its inner shrine, getting through a part of the thousands gates.


Sanjusangendo temple

A Buddhist temple. Inside a 750 year-old building, you can see over one thousand wooden statues.



The main hall is on the hillside of Mt. Otowa surrounded by beautiful nature. Famous for its splended scenery from the mountain. (The main hall is under renovation until 2020.)


Nijo-jo castle

Built by Tokugawa Shogun in 1603. Famous for its beautiful garden, murals, wooden carvings, and so called "Nightingale floor", which is old security system. Nobody can walk without making squeaky noize.


Ryoanji (Rock Garden)

You can see one of the most simple zen gardens here. The abstract garden provokes various imaginations.


Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)

Originally built by a shogun in 1397. Second and third floor are covered with gold leaves. Present building was re-constructed in 1955.


Rengeji temple

Quiet small temple where you can enjoy serene Japanese garden having green tea.


Gioji temple

Small, but you can enjoy very beautiful moss garden.


Otagi nenbutsuji temple

See unique 1200 rakan statues carved by visitors.